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There is news about our new TV Pilot venture, Fire & Brimstone. CHECK IT OUT.

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Broken England

Billy and Alisha’s first date, they meet in a local park near where billy lived as a child.

The date goes well and they plan to meet again.

This is a still from the first date scene with billy and alisha.

 Fire & Brimstone

Broken England Is our new online Web serial. The Action follows Billy England and his family in particular Steve England his older brother.

Steve is a drug dealer and has a notorious reputation for getting what he wants. When Billy meets Alisha a young Asian girl, an instant bond forms and they fall for each other. Steve has other ideas and forbids Billy from seeing her again, this causes a MASSIVE family feud that pulls the family apart. Steve blames Alisha for this and he want’s revenge. Meanwhile Mad Mickey Joyce a rival drug dealer is muscling in on Steve’s patch and takes drastic action to force Steve out, meanwhile Alisha’s older brother Rafiq warns Billy to keep away from Alisha causing Alisha to back away from Billy but will Billy stay away? Watch the Web Series to find out what happens in this realistic and Modern Drama.

Broken England now on VHX.TV, Click on the Broken England Picture for more details.

Broken England

MANDY At the age of 3 Mandy’s mum divorced her Father and married another man (Shaun) after years of abuse and a sordid and abusive relationship with her step father on her 16th birthday Mandy fights back and leaves him bleeding and unconscious on the floor she takes flight to the streets confused and alone she bumps in to Eddy and his gang.

Eddy is 17 and a street warrior he is full of confidence on the outside but he is a ravaged soul inside, he bumps into Mandy on the street and sparks fly, they clash like wild Animals, she tricks him like a sucker leaving him in agony and with a dented ego, he searches for her to get revenge she gets cornered by Eddy and his gang but he see's real fear in her eyes fear like he had once experienced himself while being beaten by his Father he takes pity on her and falls for Mandy's charms, she begins to trust him and confides in him about what's been going on with her step father.

After Eddy shows Mandy how to survive on the streets stealing and robbing Mandy and Eddy embark on a journey to find her real father they travel some 200 miles to find him on the way getting into many scrapes and after hitching a ride from a murderer in a stolen car that crashes Eddy get's arrested and locked up, Mandy is in a strange place in the dark alone frightened.

Latest News

We are setting up for a horror Feature Film called Phrike, casting will begin soon. More info to follow.

We will be shooting a one off Drama ‘Honey’ in August/September in Newcastle. More info to follow.

Broken England is now complete and ready to go live in July.

Broken England will be going live on our website soon.

Fire&Brimstone Teaser Now Ready, click on the link above.

Gate2 Productions will be using our new 4K Black Magic Production Cameras for our new Productions Phrike and HONEY.

Fire&Brimstone We follow two Hapless Private Detectives who specialise in the occult, black magic and everything that goes bump in the night. They had to relocate to a porta cabin after Jack accidentally sets fire to a waste bin in the office while smoking a joint. When two Girls go missing from a local table dancing club and the police can’t find them, Jack Fire and Ebeneezer Brimstone are called in to help rescue the girls with predictable mayhem and disaster.



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 Fire & Brimstone
Broken England
Mandy The Movie
 Fire & Brimstone

HONEY This story is about Peter Honeybourne, a married father of two. Peter is separated from his wife and kids he now lives in a small flat, alone. His wife Mary is divorcing him on the grounds of Peter being a cross dresser and she can’t cope with the stress.

Read more on the Honey Link above.



Lollipops & Spitfires This story is set somewhere in England in 1944, 5 young friends heading home from school play a game a war game. They play out a pretend battle with a pretend enemy, 5 hero's together fighting for each other.

More News on the Lollipops&Spitfires link above.


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Feature Film Mandy


PHRIKE Peter Johnston Lost his wife Rebecca 11 months before, he and his Daughter Emily plan a visit to see Janice and Tom, peters sister and brother in law and to stay in their new house. When they get there things seen all too familiar to them, like they had been here before? Emily starts acting strange Disappearing from her bedroom and talking to herself? the house seems to watch their every move? When Peter learns of the family that lived in the house before things start to fit into place and they are in real danger.