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We are an Independent Not for Profit TV, Video and Film Production company based in Newcastle upon tyne. We Specialise in Film and Video Productions both small and large.


Please feel free to look around the Gate 2 web site, click on the tabs below for more details. In the Gallery we have some video clips from the Broken England film, these will change often so remember to check the links for the latest clips and news every time you visit.

There is news about Where the River Flows and Waiting for a bus our new Films.


Fire & Brimstone

Welcome to Gate2 Productions.

Broken England is now FREE on our You Tube Channel Click on the Broken England Picture for more details.

Latest News

We will be shooting a one off Drama ‘Honey’ in 2021 in Newcastle. More info to follow.

We are Editing Waiting for a bus, our NEW 30 minute film.

Gate2 Productions will be using our new 4K Black Magic Pocket Cameras with external 4k recorders, for our new Productions.

Fire&Brimstone. We follow two Hapless Private Detectives who specialise in the occult, black magic and everything that goes bump in the night.

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Honey. This story is about Peter Honeybourne, a married father of two. Peter is separated from his wife and kids he now lives in a small flat, alone. His wife Mary is divorcing him on the grounds of Peter being a cross dresser and she can’t cope with the stress.

Peter works a nine to five in an office but at night he transforms into Honey, a drag queen who works at a local night club. Peter is not Gay this is just him, he can hide behind the makeup, forget about his boring life and come alive at night as Honey. Peter becomes ill and has many tests finding out he has Breast cancer, he finds this ironic and thinks he is being punished for his life. we follow him in his fight to survive or his slow painful slide to the abyss, which will it be?.

Read more on the Honey Link above.


Phrike. Peter Johnston Lost his wife Rebecca 11 months before, he and his Daughter Emily plan a visit to see Janice and Tom, peters sister and brother in law and to stay in their new house. When they get there things seen all too familiar to them, like they had been here before? Emily starts acting strange Disappearing from her bedroom and talking to herself? the house seems to watch their every move? When Peter learns of the family that lived in the house before things start to fit into place and they are in real danger.

CASTING SOON, Audition dates will be announced soon.

Phrike Feature film

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Gate2 Productions News

Phrike Horror Film.

We are Now in Pre Production for Phrike our very first Feature Horror Film. This film is about Peter Johnston he Lost his wife Rebecca 11 months before and he has found it hard to bring up Emily all on his own. Peter and his Daughter Emily plan a visit to see Janice and Tom, peters sister and brother in law and to stay in their new house. When they get there things seen all too familiar to them, like they had been here before?

Emily starts acting strange Disappearing from her bedroom and talking to herself? the house seems to watch their every move? When Peter learns of the family that lived in the house before and things start to fit into place. Peter realises that they are in real danger from an unknown force.

Daniel P McCready.

Director, Producer, Writer,

Click on this link.


The Job. Danny Tony and Eddy are 3 guys sick of being on the dole so they raid a local office where they know something secret is being held by the Government but what is it? and what do they plan to do with it?

The Full Short Film will be released soon for the first time.

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The Job Sparky

Sparky. Sparky is a bitter old man after the death of his wife Margaret, he locks himself away in his tiny flat and talks to the only person he trusts His Dead wife Margaret.

The Full Short Film will be released soon for the first time.

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Daniel P McCready is the Director and Director of Photography on Waiting for a bus and Godot too, our new short film, based on the Samuel Becket Play Waiting for Godot with a Geordie twist.

Au-some pirates. This is a short film about two boys, 10 year old Danny and an Autistic 8 year old Boy called Shaye.

Shaye has Problems communicating, he avoids eye contact and sometimes finds basic things hard to do. Shaye lived in his own world and was happy to be there until Danny helped him to be a normal little boy, They both love Pirates and they Play together away from other boys, until one day three of Danny’s school friends turn up and try to spoil their day.

Au-some Pirates

           Au-some Pirates

Waiting for a Bus.

Waiting for a bus. This is our NEW film Based on Waiting for Godot By Samuel Beckett with a Geordie Twist.


Crew and cast details now online.

Teaser Now Available Here.

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Panic Attack

Panic Attack. Sam is spending just one night alone in a small tent in the Dark woods as a bet, this would normally be no big deal for her as she has been camping many times but things don’t go as planned and Sam is left fighting for her life TRAPPED in the tent with no escape, Stalked by an UNKNOWN Being?.

Filming 2019

The Angel. Danny is a ten year old boy who cares for his sick mother who is ill with cancer, his dad is a soldier and is missing in action in Afghanistan. Danny has to fend for himself cooking, cleaning and washing until one day when he visits the Angel of the North and starts to pray.

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Mary Lives in a care home but has never grown up.

Gate2 Productions All Rights Reserved.

Billy No Mates. Billy was burnt in a house fire, he is taken to a care home where he meets an old girl friend and his past starts to haunt him as she threatens to to expose him for what he is a liar and a thief

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Casting calls will be announced soon.

Filming 2020.




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Where the river Flows. Where the river Flows.

Where the river flows.

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Broken England


Waiting for a bus


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The Job

Mandy Feature Film


Waiting for a bus NEWS.

Waiting for a bus is now in final edit.


Check the link below for more details on The Characters Profiles and more info on the Project.   


We are shooting two short Horror films and a short Drama in 2019 more details to follow. Panic Attack and Remnants.                     

Check the link below..

Broken England all 10 Episodes Here for Free.


Lollipops & Spitfires. This Period Drama, a story is set somewhere in England in 1944, 5 young friends heading home from school play a game a war game. They play out a pretend battle with a pretend enemy, 5 hero's together fighting for each other, willing to give their lives for one another.

News Coming Soon.


Some of our short films Below.

Mandy. At the age of 3 Mandy’s mum divorced her Father and married another man (Shaun) after years of abuse and a sordid and abusive relationship with her step father on her 16th birthday Mandy fights back and leaves him bleeding and unconscious on the floor she takes flight to the streets confused and alone she bumps in to Eddy and his gang.

Eddy is 17 he is full of confidence on the outside but he is a ravaged soul inside, he bumps into Mandy on the street and sparks fly. They clash she tricks him like a sucker leaving him in agony and with a dented ego, he searches for her to get revenge she gets cornered by Eddy and his gang.

Casting will begin for Mandy in 2017 shooting 2018.

Click on the picture to Watch the proof of concept trailer.

Mandy Feature Film

Broken England. Is our new online Web serial. The Action follows Billy England and his family in particular Steve England his older brother.

Steve is a drug dealer and has a notorious reputation for getting what he wants. When Billy meets Alisha a young Asian girl, an instant bond forms and they fall for each other. Steve has other ideas and forbids Billy from seeing her again, this causes a MASSIVE family feud that pulls the family apart. Steve blames Alisha for this and he want’s revenge. Meanwhile Mad Mickey Joyce a rival drug dealer is muscling in on Steve’s patch and takes drastic action to force Steve out.

Click on the picture to Watch the full ten episodes for free.

Dav–id. David is a young downs lad who lives with his aged and ill mother, he has unique skills, a true ability to problem solve. His favourite sweets are sherbet lemons and you never see him without a packet. He also has to deal with three young lads that bully him and steal his things.

Filming June 2020.

Casting Details now available.

David short film



Remnant. Sarah starts having vivid dreams that continue with each one getting more and more threatening. Things start happening in the house where Sarah lives. Things going missing, moving around, smashed, strange noises, shadows and Strange reflections.

That night when Sarah returns home all HELL breaks lose as Mary is trying to kill Sarah and take her Child.

Filming 2019.

Cast Details now available.

Ginger Vitus


Feature Film

Damien Vitus is a normal 10 year old kid apart from, he’s opinionated, rude, selfish and lazy.

Damien happens to have bright ginger hair and freckles, other children tease him all the time. Until one day, when he managed to convince some children that his biggest bully David Snodgrass a 12 year old boy is a Zombie.

Things become very strange indeed?

Click on the picture for more info.

Where the river Flows. A story of two young best friends Danny and Kevin, When a day out playing near the river sailing their little paper boats ends in Tragedy for one of them.  

Filming 2019

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We have a new announcement coming soon.